XR Luton is a branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement, a global call for action on the climate and environment crisis.

It is our local response to a global emergency. We live in a time of climate breakdown, scientists have described this as the sixth mass extinction. We must ACT NOW.

Get Involved

We have working groups for politics, art, media, actions and outreach. There are all kinds of roles, you can create your own as well.

There is plenty of negative press surrounding our methods. It has taken demonstration of a willingness to go as far as it takes, to become the #1 global influence for the climate emergency – but we do so much more than civil disobedience.

If there is anything about this movement which spikes your interest, just get in touch, we need you! All ages, cultures and abilities are showing interest in XR Luton, don’t think you won’t fit in – you will. Don’t worry if you are not even sure how much you want to contribute, it’s up to you.

Social Media and Contacting Us

You can contact us via email xrluton@gmail.com or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – all links in the footer below. You can also add your email address to our mailing list below.