XR Luton is a branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement, a global call for action on the climate and environment crisis.

It is our local response to a global emergency. We live in a time of climate breakdown, scientists have described this as the sixth mass extinction. We must ACT NOW.

Get Involved

The Extinction Rebellion movement has demonstrated a willingness to go as far as it takes to become the #1 global influence for the climate emergency – but we do so much more than civil disobedience. Our Luton group support the tactics of the broad movement; we minimise disruption for the public, yet we are bold and direct in drawing attention to the issues we care about.

We have working groups for politics, art, media, actions and outreach. Create your own role or help us with gaps – bring yourself, we’d love to have your contribution. Join our Signal group to say hello and find out more.

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Or – use the footer below to subscribe to our mailing list, this is all you need to do to get up to date. You can also email xrluton@gmail.com or get in touch on through our Facebook page.