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Quick read – please, it’s important. Last night we, along with David Attenborough, got more citizens of Luton switched on to the truth of climate change, asking them to act as if the Truth is Real. We met on George Street at Little Red Creative Studios for a screening of the one hour BBC documentary Climate Change: The Facts.

So I’d really like an hour from you to watch it with your friends and family. It shows when and where the scientific evidence comes from, what could have been done before, what must be done NOW, and how incredibly urgent and high stakes the reality actually is. It’s a balanced appraisal , and ultimately leaves you with the stark truth. Please watch it too, and make some personal decisions.

There was one sticking point for me, electric flight was mentioned as a hope, but the realities of commercial electric flight are tremendously suspect – batteries are heavy and planes don’t fly like bumble bees can’t.

If you’ve read this, watched the YouTube above, and need more convincing before you talk with us, I’ve another YouTube for you:

This 90 minute talk by Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, to a very normal looking room of locals in Cornwall. If you’ve read about how ‘extreme’ he is – here you will see his truth. Listen out for when he says ‘the penny drops’ – it has for me.

If you agree with Roger and us, you’ll remember that you are a citizen too. Get in touch and Join the Rebellion. It will be a pleasure to meet you.

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  1. I have watched the programme twice now and as it is from Sir David Attenborough I can’t see any reason not to fully accept it. I have myself also seen coral reef die in the Red Sea over just a ten year period. Sir David has spent his whole life looking at nature and different places around the world so I can imagine he has seen climate change evidence with his own eyes. The tricky part is how to quickly change everything we do when the people who have the power to change are obsessed with economic growth and profit margins not people and the planet

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