Action at the Airport Consultation

The Luton airport expansion plan consultations are a slick and sombre affair, staffed by consultants who present from carefully sanitised stands and brochures – it’s a shame almost everyone who visits is opposed to the plan. It is such a waste of paper and staples.

Yesterday was cold, wet, and dark early, but this wasn’t going to stop us..

We held a little party!

We’ve been attending as many of the consultations as we can, but there are so many over such a wide area -so instead we picked St Francis Church in Luton yesterday afternoon to show LLAL how to consider airport expansion the Extinction Rebellion way – Non Violent Disruptive Action – for the purpose of highlighting The Truth.

Banners, signs, music (we have a killer playlist), hot drinks – we took over the entrance with other like minded people (nearly everyone) joining us.

The friendly face of XR Luton, handing out our leaflets alongside a less fancy (but perfectly informative) display board.

Mister Oak – nature needed to make it’s presence felt. The kids loved his manic dancing, he even teamed up with…

The Grim Reaper. He has 86 lives to claim each year in Luton due to pollution – he doesn’t want to double it. He has quite enough work on as it is.

The ground staff need to keep their jobs, so they are sworn to silence and living in denial…

.. until they had enough and blocked the road for an anti aircraft demonstration.

There was more – the Lady of Death was gliding through the room, surveying her domain. We had our Elephant in the room, and true to his name, somehow, everyone ignored him! Throughout the afternoon and evening we had a blast – messing around, waving at traffic, dancing in the street and generally making sure it was OUR event, and not theirs.

At the same time Roberto Perrone interviewed our wonderful Sophie on BBC Three Counties Radio (listen from 17:30 which is 2:30 in), who is not at all media trained, and put across our arguments succinctly for the listeners. This was followed (with a lot more airtime) by Robin Porter, chief executive of Luton Borough Council and LLAL, who knew what he wanted to get across.

Sorry Robin, we pay your wages and don’t want to die on your watch. We will fight this all the way to protect our loved ones, and yours.

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  1. XRLLENT Summary of a Fantastic Rebel Turnout and taking over the place ????‍☠️???

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