Airport Expansion ‘Consultation’ dates

The LLAL Consultations are underway, over 30 presentations to the public across our geographic area, out as far as Aylesbury, Berkhampstead, Cambridge. We’ve been along..

An elephant in the room, with friend, the Grim Reaper
Take a look at our leaflet – come and help us hand them out

We plan to attend as many of these as we can, drawing attention to the awful reality of airport expansion.

We’ve produced a nice simple leaflet, pointing out just a few of the many concerns we have. Click on the image to get the PDF – better yet, get in touch to grab some, then help us get these out to the people.

If you would like to see a carefully worded official expansion website, replete with stock images of shiny planes, it’s here: The plans are on show, but also attendance of the consultations is advised, especially if you are feeling rebellious.

Anything you learn is perfectly supplemented by the wealth of countering data at Stop Luton Airport Expansion, absolutely essential reading.

We’ve also got a UK Government Petition, calling for expansion to be stopped. Please sign to lend your support.

Our council has delayed declaration of a Climate Emergency on one hand, whilst supporting the most damaging course of action possible with the other.

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  1. Airport expansion is contrary to any attempt by any person on this planet to argue that they are concerned about clinate change.

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