Airport expansion is terminal, say Luton climate change activists

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Activists in Luton carried out a series of protest actions at London Luton Airport on Friday 20th of September, highlighting the dangers of airport expansion at a time of climate crisis.

Acting as part of Extinction Rebellion, activists gave out flyers and displayed banners in the main airport terminal. A further group glued themselves to the doors of the office of the airport’s operator, London Luton Airport Operations Limited (LLAOL).

The protestors deliberately targeted the airport operator rather than passengers. No disruption was intended to flights or travellers.

“At a time of climate breakdown, airport expansion is terminal,” said a spokesperson for the group.

“Luton Airport is the fastest growing airport in the country, and therefore one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions in Britain. The council, local politicians and the operator always talk about the benefits to Luton – but at what cost to our health? Or to local traffic congestion, or noise pollution? At what cost to the world we pass on to our children? At what cost to the world’s most vulnerable communities, already at risk from floods, droughts and extreme weather?”

Passenger numbers through Luton Airport have almost doubled in a decade, with 2018 a record year at 16.6 million passengers. Current plans call for a further doubling to 32 million passengers a year.

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  1. Hoping that something can be done to achieve the impossible – get Luton Council to listen to residents’ concerns before they gridlock the whole town all day instead of just rush hours as at present. Wishing you success. I have tried without success to get help with social media and films for the past 5 years. Wigmore Park destruction of 70 acres County wildlife site. Extinction rebellion Marble Arch April 2019 and Luton Airport Expansion

    1. Thanks for your support Doreen, we will do more and go further – this disruptive action gets attention. Join us, “act like the truth it real”

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