Budget fails to address the climate crisis

The 2021 Budget just isn’t good enough – that’s the view from Extinction Rebellion Luton

Throughout the pandemic the Government spoke of following the science, yet the Budget shows they are not listening to the science behind the climate emergency, or trusting the expertise of those who say drastic action is needed.

Commenting on the Budget a spokesperson for XR Luton said:

“While it’s a welcome step to hear the Chancellor talk about addressing the climate crisis, the Government’s words must be backed up with real systemic action and, crucially, investment. Steps such as the introduction of the UK Infrastructure Bank, a new hydrogen hub and a renewed commitment to offshore wind are positive. However, a raft of measures increase funding and support for fossil fuels and other drivers of the climate crisis.”

We cannot afford for sustainability to become a Government buzz-word.

The Budget was a missed opportunity for the UK to move towards a fairer, greener future and we are hugely disappointed by the failure to properly address the climate crisis.

XR Luton is working to persuade government at all levels to take the climate emergency seriously before it’s impact becomes any more devastating. Real investment in green jobs and manufacturing could provide a major boost for towns like Luton, and our hope is that the proposed Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill will go some way to mitigating the Governments disastrous approach.

Help show the Government that real action is needed by supporting the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. Find out more and get involved at ceebill.uk/sign-up

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