Luton climate activists warn that ‘inaction = death’

Today (Thursday 25th June 2020) the Climate Change Committee deliver their progress report to government. At the same time, activists from Extinction Rebellion marched through Luton Town Centre to deliver letters to the town’s MPs and Council leaders, demanding action on the climate emergency.

The CCC report is expected to confirm that government has failed to introduce policies to support its own target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and without a step change in climate policy, the target will not be achievable.

Letters will remind Luton Council it has formally declared a Climate Emergency and pledged to reduce Luton’s emissions to net zero by 2040. Similarly, no policies have been formed, or actions taken.

The Coronavirus has presented the council with major funding problems, however the climate emergency must remain a priority for the sake of present and future generations of Lutonians.

“All that is needed to tip the climate into catastrophe is a return to normal” said XR Luton member Jim Peacock. “If the government does not act now, it will be in dereliction of its most basic duties to protect its citizens. Ignoring the crisis will only highlight that they are more interested in propping up a toxic, exploitative system. It could cease wasting money on airport expansion to help pay for essential services, benefitting the climate at the same time”.

Letters were delivered by hand to Luton Labour’s offices, with activists making a go-slow walk from the town hall. Letters were also delivered on behalf of members in isolation.

Today’s action in Luton was part of a nationwide protest, as similar letters were delivered to MPs across the UK. It marks the beginning of XRs campaign for a post-lockdown climate recovery.

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