RoundUp at HomeBase, Luton


A Luton branch of Homebase was the target of a protest on Saturday for continuing to sell the potentially deadly RoundUp weed killer. Members of “C.S.I. Earth” taped off an area of the store as a crime scene in a theatrical display to highlight the toxic effects of the RoundUp weedkiller on humans bees and the wider ecosystem.

Extinction Rebellion Luton conducted the action to target chemical manufacturer Bayer, owner of the RoundUp brand and manufacturer of the active ingredient glyphosate. Glyphosate is also used in other brands of weedkiller marketed for home use, as well as widely used in agriculture and urban weed killing.

RoundUp was purchased by Bayer from Monsanto in 2018, despite doubts about the safety of the RoundUp formula, which also contains other chemicals. The doubt was sufficient enough for the State of California to add it to their list of known carcinogens in 2017.

While Bayer admits no liability or wrongdoing, they did recently reach a $10 billion settlement for 95,000 US cancer patients who claim their disease was caused by RoundUp. Further to the human risk, Glyphosate has been shown to impact the development of young bees and could contribute to the failure and death of bee colonies. With the global population of bees in decline, Glyphosate is one of a number of chemicals widely used in agriculture that are suspected to be responsible. The loss of bees, a critical pollinator, could cause crop failure and famine.

Extinction Rebellion Luton asks that Homebase and other suppliers follow the good example set by B&Q and withdraw RoundUp and other Glyphosate based weed killers from their shelves, to ensure the health of their customers, bees and our ecosystem. Bayer themselves are even marketing Glyphosate-free versions of RoundUp which can be stocked instead.

Thank you card to B&Q !

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