Saturday 18th – Operation: Mad Hatter

Extinction Rebellion is dedicated to drawing attention to the climate crisis. Here in Luton, the council CHOSE TO DELAY declaration of a climate emergency, rather than join the many councils that have. They are considering a plan, but why wait?

[UPDATE: Luton have now declared a climate emergency; BBC coverage here]

Then there is the proposed Luton Airport expansion. Recent consultations conveniently ignored the impact of flights and road travel from calculations, which will obviously impact noise, pollution, traffic, AND the climate. The Council/LLAL (they are one and the same) have exaggerated job creation, plus we have a taxpayers bill of £446m and counting. Crazy!

As if all this wasn’t enough, in December 2019 Luton was named the pollution capital of the United Kingdom (citation: Birmingham University). We have reviewed pollution monitor data, and have serious concerns; the readings, locations monitored and data management among them.

It’s driven us all MAD!

We are holding Operation: Mad Hatter in Luton on Saturday, 18th January 2020

We have friends from across the UK joining us for this family friendly action, with the simple aim of drawing attention to our flight plight. Some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Discobedience – dance in defiance. Watch out for the first appearance of Michaela the Trailer
  • Samba Bands – for the festival flavour
  • The mysterious Red Rebels, floating through various Town Centre locations
  • Luton crowd favourites: the Elephant, Anti-Aircraft Staff, the Reaper, and maybe Mister Oak…
  • The Judge is coming! An Ecocide trial for the Council and the Aviation industry

Note this is a family friendly, non-disruptive action. There will be surprises! Come and join in, everyone is welcome!

Join and share from the Facebook event page or get in touch below.

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