Why we took action at the airport today

The three activists arrested at the offices of London Luton Airport Operations Ltd explained their actions with the following statement:

Science tells us that greenhouse gases must be reduced immediately to prevent a climate catastrophe. Unchecked, runaway global heating will bring increased floods, extreme weather, wildfires, droughts, famine, and conflict over water and resources. Wildlife numbers will continue to be decimated. Millions of people will lose their homes, their land, and their lives. The climate crisis is an existential threat.

In this context, we consider the expansion of Luton Airport to be an act of ecocide. Business as usual is catastrophic. Further growth is suicide. As local citizens, we can not stand by while airport emissions rise, and life on earth is destroyed for profit.

We call on London Luton Airport to declare a climate emergency, and act now to reduce emissions. Further expansion is not possible.

This is an emergency. 

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  1. Congratulations to Sophie and the other two! Well done and strength to you in the forthcoming court appearance. Well done !

  2. The police are against saving our planet. They want to die alongside the politicians they work for. It’s a disgrace.

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